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Inmacus Universal +23 HD 3 pcs Macro Photo Filter Kit for Smartphone and Tablet

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Brand Inmacus

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Main Features:
1. Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and Samsung, Pixel, Huawei, Oppo Android smartphones and tablets
2. 3 pcs Slim HD Filter Kit: +5, +8 and +10 Diopter Macro filter.
3. Made of K9 optical glass that are grinded and polished
4. Reduces focusing distance up to reveal subtle details in high clarity
5. Filter can be combined to provide closeup range from +5 to +23
6. Minimum shooting distance up to 1.5cm / 0.05ft
7. Creates shallow depth of field.
8. Universal clip fits the majority of smartphones and tablets
9. Suitable for single, twin and triple camera lens system
10. Compatible with screen protector and thin mobile/tablet case

Macro filters open up an entire new perspective by revealing subtle details of small subjects such as flowers and insects. This is achieved by allowing focusing distance to be reduced for subject details to be magnified. It creates a shallow depth of field by focusing on the subject in focus while creating a soft focus outside the focus area.

Inmacus Universal HD macro filter kit is designed for the majority of smartphones and tablets for macro photography. When mounted on smartphone and tablets, the focusing distance is reduced to enable fine subtle details to be capture instantly in high definition.

Available as a 3 pcs kit which includes +5, +8 and +10 magnification factor, these filters can be used individually or combined to form a maximum magnification factor of +23. All glass optics are made of K9 optical graded glass and are grinded and polished to meet exact magnification specification. Optical glasses are then housed in precision machined lightweight aluminium rings that are anodized in matt black to reduce reflections and unwanted flares.