Inmacus Universal HD Circ. Polarizer CPL Optical Glass Filter for Smartphone and Tablet

$29.90 $19.90

Brand Inmacus
Main Features
1. Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and Samsung, Pixel, Huawei, Oppo, Android smartphones and tablets
2. Compact and light low profile self-rotating ring
3. Cut off reflection from non-metallic surface
4. Capture through glass with no reflection
5. Polarizing efficiency more than 99%
6. Increases picture contrast and color saturation
7. Does not affect color temperature
8. Black matt filter ring prevents internal reflection
9. Includes universal clip fits the majority of smartphones and tablets
10. Suitable for single, twin and triple camera lens system
11. Compatible with screen protector and thin mobile/tablet case

Inmacus HD Circ. Polarizer (CPL) filter filter is designed to be used on smartphones and tablets to eliminate unwanted reflection, increase contrast and colour saturation.

This optical glass filter is constructed using optical CPL glass housed in an ultra-thin self-rotating ring. The CPL glass is neutral grey in color and does not affect the color temperature of images taken with this filter. To cut off unwanted reflection from non-metallic surface and increase picture contrast, rotate the front self-rotating ring until the reflection is cut off with increased color contrast.

This filter can be mounted easily utilizing the universal clip that works seamlessly in high clarity with all camera apps in photo, video, SLO-MO and time-lapse mode on single, twin or triple camera lens.