[For Panasonic Lumix G] Emolux PRO HD 0.45x Wide Converter Lens (37mm)

$109.90 $79.90

Brand Emolux


Compatible with Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF9, GF8, GF7 and GM5 with Micro Four Third 12-32mm Standard Zoom Lens.


  • Gain more than 50% extra wide angle with your existing Panasonic 12-32mmlens.
  • Economic priced compared to bayonet mount wide angle lens.
  • Shoot wider angle without compromising on image quality.
  • Edge to edge clarity on the extra wide angle that was captured with our lenses
  • No vignette (dark edges) at 4 extreme corners at 13mm.
  • Broadband multi coating ensures maximum light transmission and minimal light reflectance.
  • Lens housing is anodized in matt black to prevent stray light reflection
  • Sure grip improving lens handling when mounting and dismounting.
The PRO HD 0.45x wide angle converter lens is designed for the creative Panasonic Lumix photographer whom requires extra wide coverage with edge-to-edge superior image clarity.

The lens offers effective focal length reduction of 0.45x (50% more field of view) to achieve a maximum wide angle of 6.5mm when used on Panasonic Lumix 12-32mm lens. It is particular useful for taking pictures of wide landscape, majestic architecture and group photography which the Panasonic lens at 12mm is not able to capture. Sophisticated optical system incorporating precise polished elements and professional grade optical glass were used to ensure additional details within an image with large depth of field are captured with unsurpassed sharpness.

Ultra low reflection broadband multi coating on optical element further helps to insure that chromatic aberration and astigmatism are minimized to the lowest possible level to obtain high definition, superb clarity images that are comparable to Panasonic Lumix G lens with fixed focal length.