Emora PRO Compact Heavy Duty Aluminium Micro Ball head with hotshoe adaptor and dual ring for Vlog

$29.90 $21.90

Brand Emora
Main Features:
1. Compact and Ergonomic Design
2. Unique centre level click when ball head is level
3. Bounce and Swivel function
4. Tough and durable utilizing all metal alloy material (no plastic parts)
5. CNC manufactured with aluminium alloy and stainless steel
6. Oversized rotating knob control both tilt and swivel feature
7. Detachable hot shoe mount to tripod adaptor with 2 rotating knobs for other applications
8. Long durability silicon base which does not disintegrate over time
9. 5kg maximum laden weight
10. Wide range of applications including;
- Mounting on mirrorless/DSLR camera using smartphone as viewfinder for vlog;
- Mounting of LED light, microphones and other accessories with ¼” screw threads;
- Attachment of monitor or another viewing device on tripod stand;
- As a table top tripod when mounted on tripod table stand (not included).

Emora PRO Compact Heavy Duty Auuto Level Micro Ball Head is an universal ball head designed to mount a wide variety of photo equipment with 1/4” screw threads including smartphones, action cameras, external lighting, microphones, video monitors etc.

Utilizing 100% metal materials including aluminium alloy and stainless steel to enhance maximum durability, this micro ball head incorporates an unique centre level system that click in place when level position is achieved. This quick adjustment guide enables the mounted equipment to be level promptly in the absence of bubble level guide. The incorporation of an oversized central rotating knob allows the quick adjustment and locking of the tilt and swivel once the required angle is attained.

The detachable cold mount hotshoe features 2 locking rings that could be used to secure the top and bottom portion when mounted on camera hotshoe. The detached top main body can be attached to any tripod with 1/4” male threads. The knurling located at the base of the main body further enable better grip during mounting and dismounting. The top plate is equipped with a highly durable round silicone cushion that will not disintegrate over time.