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At Altasfoto, we provide quality essential optical and photo related accessories to enhance your photo taking experience. Our range of products include Photo Converter Lenses, Photo Filters, Electronic Flashguns, Camera bags, Camera Straps, Lens Cleaning Kits and other essential photo accessories for DSLR, Interchangeable Lens Cameras as Mobile Phone Cameras.

It is our core belief to provide innovative, quality and competitively priced photo accessories to photographers at all levels.

About Our Brands

Emolux was introduced in 2001 exclusively for a wide range of digital converter lenses, photo filters, as well as other optical related quality accessories for digital camera lenses. All lenses and filters are conceptualized and developed in Singapore. From conceptualization to final production, each stage undergoes tedious and stringent optical testing to ensure optimal image reproduction. The current range of optical related accessories has evolved to cover a wide spectrum of applications to meet different optical requirements for DSLR and Interchangeable Lens Cameras. 

Emoblitz was introduced as a dedicated brand used exclusively for photo electronic flashes and flash related accessories. All Emoblitz flash were conceptualized, developed and manufactured in Singapore since 1995. Since it's interception in flash development, the range had diversified to include a wide range of flash models to cater to different lighting conditions.

Emora was introduced as a dedicated brand used extensively on camera bags and other essential camera accessories. Originally used only on camera bags, Emora branded products now extends to a wider spectrum of accessories including lens cap, screen protectors, lens cleaning kits, lens hood, etc, to provide total protection and practical usage for digital cameras.

Inmacus was introduced to focus extensively on essential, high quality, reasonable priced optical, lighting and accessory products with primary focus on digital photography on smartphones and tablets. From raw material selection to manufacturing, each stage undergoes stringent quality inspection to attain superb image clarity for all photos taken with smartphones.