Emolux Digital SLIM ND1000 Neutral Density Optical Glass Camera Lens Filter


Brand Emolux

Main Features:

1. Precision Polished Optical ND Glass.
2. Effectively reduces 10 f/stop equivalent light.
3. Maintain original color tone (WB).
4. Capture sharp image with grind and polishing process in glass manufacturing.
5. Use of slow shutter speed for flowing and blurred motion effect.
6. Glass housed in SLIM filter frame making it compatible with ultra wide angle lens.
7. Filter frame is anodized in matt black finishing to prevent stray light reflection.

Emolux PRO HD Digital SLIM high stops reduction neutral density filter, ND1000 allows light reduction equivalent to 10 f/stops.

Neutral Density filters are used primarily to reduce the amount of light entering the lens without affecting the overall color tone. With slower shutter speed as a result of reduced lighting, it creates a natural flowing and blurred motion (cloudy) effect on water movement.

High Stops Neutral Density filter utilizes polished optical ND glass that delivers superior image clarity and housed in light weight SLIM aluminum filter ring which is compatible with ultra wide angle lens. It allows the use of larger aperture with lower shutter speed without changing color temperature for maximum creativity when shooting water landscape.