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Emoblitz Universal 2 in 1 Twin Flash Softbox for external speedlight flash

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Brand Emoblitz

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Main Features:
1. Dual function: Can be used as twin flash or standard direct flash
2. Emulate twin flash effect to fill additional lighting in both background and front subject
3. Direct flash soften lighting and reduces shadow when side flap is closed
4. Universal fit to most flashguns
5. Special rubberized strips maintain grip to flash head
6. Elastic band with velcro enclosure for better secure to flash head
7. Outer dimension (cm): 15 x 17
8. Collapsible with carrying case

Emoblitz Twin flash softbox is a dual functional softbox for external flash that can be used either to emulate twin flash or direct frontal flash to achieve a softer, diffused lighting to your image.

When used in twin flash mode, the flash head should be titled at 60 degree and above with the side flap opened for the flash light to bounce off ceiling to brighten up the background. At the same time, the opened flip with the white diffusion material will illuminate soft lighting to the subject to ensure that it is not underexposed. In direct flash mode, close the side flap and position the flash head in the standard position without bounce.

It fits securely onto the majority of on-camera flashguns available in the market (including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax etc) by using special rubberized strip that are located at the 4 flaps located at the back of the softbox to prevent it from slipping off. The additional built in elastic band located on the flap is used to wrap around the flash head for a better secure of the softbox onto the external on-camera flashgun.