Emolux Deluxe Anti Shock Photo Filter Protection Case L Size fits 4 filters up to 86mm

$25.90 $15.90

Brand Emolux
Main Features:
1. Store and protect photo filters
2. Fits 4pcs of filter diameter up to 86mm
3. Compatible with UV, CPL, ND, Variable ND, Star, Center spot and Closeup filter
4. Padded protection against knocks
5. Soft inner padding prevent accident scratches
6. White inner lining for easy filter type identification
7. Velcro closure keeps storage filter in position

Emolux Deluxe protection case is designed to store and protect photo filters from accidental knocks and scratches.

Constructed using smooth microfiber as the outer fabric and padded with anti shock foam, it helps to store and protect different types of photo filters including UV, CPL, ND, Variable ND, Star, Centre spot and Closeup filters. Individual netting slot and white inner lining enables different filter type to be identified easily.

Emolux anti shock filter protection case is available in 2 sizes, M and L. M size case is able to store 6 filters up to 58mm filter diameter whereas L size case is able to store 4 filters up to 86mm filter diameter.