Emolux Digital ULTRA SLIM Circular Polarizer (CPL) Camera Filter for Mirrorless and DSLR lens


Brand Emolux

Main Features

1. Compact and light low profile self-rotating ring
2. Compatible with Ultra-Wide Lens
3. Cut off reflection from non-metallic surface
4. Polarizing efficiency more than 99%
5. Increases picture contrast and color saturation
6. Does not affect color temperature
7. No vignette when used on Ultra-wide angle lens
8. Black matt filter ring prevents internal reflection
9. Inner threads for mounting lens cap or additional filter

Digital Low Profile (DLP) filters represent the new generation of filters designed specifically for usage on Ultra-Wide Mirrorless and DSLR lens.

New engineered slim filter frame is lighter than standard frame and prevent lens vignette (darken of 4 corners) to appear in the pictures when mounted on ultra-wide angle lens. Incorporation of anti-reflection matt black finishing minimizes stray light reflection to appear on digital images.

Emolux DLP Cir. Polarizer (CPL) optical glass filter is constructed using optical CPL glass housed in an ultra-thin self-rotating ring. The CPL glass is neutral grey in color and does not affect the color temperature of images taken with this filter. To cut off unwanted reflection from non-metallic surface and increase picture contrast, rotate the front self-rotating ring until the reflection is cut off with increased color contrast.

Increase color saturation and contrast
Reduce wash-out effect
Compatible with wide angle lens

Remove unwanted reflections
Increases contrast intensity on reflective subject
Allow details on reflective surface to be shown clearly