Emora Instagrip Sling Camera Strap

$59.90 $25.90

Brand Emora

1. Secure and instant access to DSLR camera.
2. Adjustable strap length to cater to different physics.
3. Soft Anti Slip rubber padding prevent strap from slipping off shoulder.
4. Adjustable underarm tether for added security.
5. Secure aluminum fastener mechanism.

Emora InstaGrip sling strap allows user to gain quick access to DSLR camera for almost instantaneous shooting with comfortable, non slip padding on the shoulder in a sling position.

The sling strap is securely attached to the camera by utilizing the rotating aluminum fastener onto the camera base tripod socket. Further tightening is possible when the rectangular hook is placed in the undercut of the aluminum fastener and rotated in clockwise position. During attachment, the dual locking buckle could be detached for fast fixture onto the camera tripod socket. Once the aluminum knob is securely attached to the camera, the dual lock buckle can be secured easily to the main sling strap attachment.

Adjustable straps and swivel buckle makes the strap suitable for most body type. Dual lock buckle also helps to prevent the camera from accident release as the centre knob needs to be depressed concurrently with the side clip during detachment. 2 positioning lock buckles act to minimize camera swing back and forward.