Emora Multi Purpose Compact High Power Air Silicon Blower


Brand Emora

Emora Compact High Power Silicon Blower is designed to facilitate quick and effective removal of dust and dirt present in the contact terminals and speaker mesh of smartphone, wireless earbuds, tablets, optical surface and all smart devices.

Frequent maintenance of the contact terminals to be free of dust and dirt is essential to ensure maximum connectivity that is frequently compromised by dust and dirt within the environment. With daily plugging of smart devices for charging and synchronizing, dust and dirt originally settling on the contact terminals will most likely be push into the electronic circuitry. Smart devices may break down after an extended period with the increased settlement of dust and dirt being pushed onto the circuitry, which would then result in hefty repair cost.

By repeatedly depressing on the main body, power bust of airflow facilitated by the large inflow air valve can be release to blow off dust and dirt settling on the surface of the contact terminals and speaker mesh.

Main Features 
1. Compact Size 
2. Remove Dust using High Power Air Burst 
3. Essential for all Tablet, Smartphone, Bluetooth Earbuds, Optical Surface 
4. Maintain contact terminals and speaker mesh free of dust accumulation 
5. Made of Odour free and environmental friendly silicon 
6. Long lasting Silicon material does not corrode over time 
7. Vertical standing placement Silicon tip prevents accidental damage on terminal contacts