Emora PRO Aluminium Mini Button Smartphone Tripod Adaptor

$29.90 $19.90

Brand Emora
Main Features:
- Ultra-Compact Mini Button Design
- Perfect for Vlog, Selfie, Live Streaming and Video Conferencing
- Instant mount smartphone to tripod
- Adjustable width fits all smartphone
- Rotating knob for clamp adjustment
- 1/4" threads fit all tripod
- Strong and Durable aluminium construction

Emora Universal mini button smartphone tripod adaptor is an universal clamp designed to mount and hold smartphones to any tripod with 1/4” screw threads. When mounted, smartphone can be used to take photos and videos which is perfect for vlog, selfie and video conferencing.

Utilizing 100% aluminum alloy to enhance maximum durability and ultra compact size that could be fitted into any pocket, this mini adaptor can be fitted to all smartphones in the market by adjusting the rotating knob to cater to different thickness. The 1/4” female screw threads at the base allows the adaptor to be mounted on monopod, tripod or any ball head with 1/4” male threads.

Silicone cushions are incorporated at the clamp area to secure and prevent scratches and damages to the LCD screen when the adaptor is secured on the smartphone.