Emora TOUGH Universal Cross Triple Stitched Paracord Wrist Camera Strap for Mirrorless and DSLR


Brand Emora
Main Features:
1. Universal fits all DSLR and majority of mirrorless (DSLM) cameras.
2. High tensile strength as it is made of Paracord which is the rope used for parachute.
3. Easily attached to camera body strap attachment by looping.
4. Adjustable length made it suitable for most wrist size.
5. Wrist lock using spring knob.

Paracord camera wrist strap is used to secure camera to wrist to avoid the hassle of placing the camera during short period of non usage.

Made of paracord which is the exact rope material used in parachute, the paracord camera strap offers high tensile strength to keep the camera constantly secure on your wrist. Installation can be done easily by looping the end loose of the strap into one of the camera body strap holder.

Incorporation of a spring knob make it possible for easy wrist size adjustment and it is compatible with all DSLRs, majority of DSLM (mirrorless) and full frame mirrorless cameras.