Emora Neoprene Shoulder Strap for Camera Tripod

$29.90 $19.90

Brand Emora
Main Features:
1. Contour profile ergonomic neoprene tripod strap
2. Universal fit to most tripods
3. Rapid attach or detach from tripod
4. Soft neoprene material relieves shoulder stress and fatigue
5. Anti slip underside padding prevents strap from falling off shoulder
6. Quick release buckle to secure both end of tripod
7. Adjustable length to cater to different physics
8. Adjustable loop to center column and folded tripod legs

Emora Ergonomic Curved Neoprene Shoulder Strap is designed specifically for comfort transportation and quick access to tripod.

The curved design helps to alleviate shoulder fatigue caused by carrying tripod during shooting trip. The anti-slip underside padding further helps to ensure that the tripod does not slip off the shoulder during movement. The length of the tripod is fully adjustable to cater to different physics and carrying preference. Located at both ends of the strap is a circular loop with quick release buckle which helps to proper secure the tripod center column and the folded 3 legs.

Compact in design and weighting only 100g, the neoprene tripod shoulder strap is the perfect companion to your tripod and offer the maximum convenience and comfort to carry for your daily shooting adventure.