[For Nikon DSLR] Emolux PRO HD Scenic 0.45x ULTRA Wide Converter Lens for Nikon DSLR (55mm)

$169.90 $119.90

Brand Emolux

Compatible with Nikon D5600 D5300 D3500 D3400 with Nikon AF-P 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G VR Zoom Lens.

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Main Features:

1. Gain more than 50% extra wide angle with Nikon AF-P 18-55mm kit lens.
2. Convert instantly to approximate 9mm super wide angle with superb edge sharpness.
3. Economic priced compared to bayonet wide angle lens of equivalent range.
4. Capture wider angle without compromising on image quality.
5. Edge to edge clarity with zero vignette (dark edges)
6. Broadband multi coating ensures maximum light transmission and minimal light reflectance.
7. Lens housing is anodized in matt black to prevent stray light reflection
8. Knurl grip improving lens handling when mounting and dismounting.

Emolux PRO HD 0.45x wide angle converter lens is designed specially for Nikon DSLR to attain wider angle of coverage at a fraction of the cost of bayonet mounted lens of equivalent wide angle.

The optical glass elements are designed to attain a wider angle of approximate 50% when mounted on Nikon AF-P 18-55mm kit lens with superb image clarity from edge to edge without vignette. All optical elements are grinded to exact precision, polished and multi-coated to achieve superb image clarity and to ensure maximum light transmission and minimal light reflection. The optical elements are precisely assembled in a CNC machined aluminium housing which incorporate knurl grip which enhances the ease of attachment and detachment. The housing is further anodized in matt black to minimize external reflection.

When mounted on Nikon AF-P 18-55mm lens, the PRO HD converter lens instantly widen the field of view to approximate 9mm wide angle that is perfect for still and video for wide landscape, majestic architecture and group photography.