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Inmacus Universal 18mm HDII PRO Wide Macro Lens for Tablet Smartphone Laptop Desktop

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Brand Inmacus

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Main Features:

1. Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and Samsung, Pixel, Huawei, Oppo Android smartphones and tablets, laptops with front facing camera lens
2. Gain 50% more wide angle in high clarity
3. Built in 10x macro for extreme closeup up to 1.5cm / 0.04ft
4. Compact and light weight
5. Does not produce vignette (dark corners) on most devices with proper alignment
6. Universal clip fits the majority of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop
7. Can be used on rear and front camera lens
8. Compatible with screen protector and thin mobile/tablet case
9. Multi coated glass elements allow maximum light transmission and minimal light reflection.

Inmacus 18mm HDII PRO Wide Macro Lens is designed to fit majority of the smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop to capture the sharpest photos and video.

The kit comprises of 18mm HDII PRO wide lens with built in 10x macro for extreme closeup. The lens can be mounted easily utilizing the universal clip that works seamlessly in high clarity with all camera apps in photo, video, SLO-MO and time-lapse mode on the rear and front facing camera lens on smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

The 18mm HDII Wide Lens provide an extended angle of 50% to capture wide landscape with edge to edge clarity. When the top housing is removed, the optical glass located at the base provides a 10x macro which allows images to be taken as close as 1.5cm/0.04ft.

All optical elements are grinded, polished and multi coated to produce the best image quality. The lens housing made of lightweight aluminium and machined in precision CNC are anodized in matt black to prevent external reflection.