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Inmacus Universal Digital HD Variable ND 2-400 Optical Glass Filter for Smartphone and Tablet

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Brand Inmacus

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Main Features:
1. Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and Samsung, Pixel, Huawei, Oppo Android smartphones and tablets
2. Achieve slow shutter speed (longer exposure) to capture water/cloudy motion effect
3. Variable light reduction from 1-8 f/stop (ND2-400)
4. Allow the usage of a wide range of aperture for depth of field control
5. HD superb image clarity with optical grade glass
6. Does not affect colour temperature
7. Matt black filter frame finishing prevents light reflection
8. Universal clip fits most smartphones and tablets
9. Suitable for single, twin and triple camera lens system
10. Compatible with screen protector and thin mobile/tablet case

Inmacus HD variable light control (LC) filter is designed to be used on smartphones and tablets to capture images of water/cloud movement in cloudy effect. This is achieved by reducing the amount of light entering the lens ranging from 1 to 8 equivalent f/stop while maintaining high image quality.

Similar to fixed ND filter, HD variable LC filter is used in bright light situation to create a shallow depth of field but with the added advantage of being able to control the amount of light within a specified range. By reducing the amount of light and allowing a bigger aperture (smaller f number) to be used in strong light situation, the emphasis can be placed on the focus of the subject with the background out of focus. Turning to a higher ND (darker) would produce more cloudy effect, especially when shooting running water such as waterfall and helps to prevent over-exposure under extreme sunlight situation.

Due to slower exposure of the camera in smartphone and tablet in order to ensure that the pictures are correctly exposed, use of tripod and self-timer is strongly recommended to prevent blurry images due to handshake.