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Inmacus Universal HD Neutral Density ND1000 Optical Glass Filter for Smartphone and Tablet

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Brand Inmacus

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Main Features:
1. Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and Samsung, Pixel, Huawei, Oppo Android smartphones and tablets
2. Capture extreme cloudy water flow effect
3. Precision Polished Optical ND Glass.
4. Effectively reduces 10 f/stops equivalent light.
5. Compact and Slim aluminum filter frame
6. Maintain original color tone (WB).
7. Capture sharp image with grind and polishing process in glass manufacturing.
8. Use of slow shutter speed for flowing and blurred motion effect.
9. Filter frame is anodized in matt black finishing to prevent stray light reflection.
10. Includes universal clip fits the majority of smartphones and tablets
11. Suitable for single, twin and triple camera lens system
12. Compatible with screen protector and thin mobile/tablet case

Inmacus HD Neutral Density ND1000 Optical Glass filter is designed to be used on smartphones and tablets to capture images of water/cloud movement in extreme cloudy effect.

This is achieved by reducing the amount of light entering the lens by 10 f/stop while maintaining high image quality. When mounted on smartphone and tablet, it reduces incoming light equivalent to 10 f/stop so that water flow, moving clouds and other motion effect pictures can be captured using a slower shutter speed to create a cloudy motion effect.

The ND1000 filter utilizes optical ND glass that was grinded and polished to deliver superb image clarity and housed in a lightweight aluminum SLIM filter ring. This filter can be mounted easily utilizing the universal clip that works seamlessly in high clarity with all camera apps in photo, video, SLO-MO and time-lapse mode on single, twin or triple camera lens.