Mobile Imaging = The future?

This issue had been controversial. With the wide adoption and the convenience of shooting with your mobile phone plus the convenience offered to share pictures immediately to friends and family, the heat is definitely on for the traditional camera maker.

Market had also shown more pictures are being taken by mobile phones and the compact digital cameras had taken a huge leap (spiralling down). To a certain extend, I do agree that the quality of the photos taken by mobile phones had increased over the past few years BUT to those who had used DSLR before, you must agree that the image quality taken by DSLR is still very much far 'UP', even by today's capability of the camera in mobile phone. 

What really affect negatively is the sales of the compact digital segment but not too much on the DSLR segment. So for people like me whom work requires photography (taking and editing of company products), DSLR is still the number one choice.

So back to the question, is mobile imaging the future? In my opinion, it would not be any time soon where mobile photography is going to take over traditional photography, or should I put it on the quality aspect?